“SURF GANG” won the jury award for Best Experimental Film at the Planet Out Short Movie Awards. Winners were announced January 21st at the Queer Brunch at the Sundance Film Festival and were screened at the Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival..
Katrina del Mar was awarded a Fellowship in Video by NYFA New York Foundation for the Arts for her work on “SURF GANG” a subsequent screening took place of the work in progress / rough cut at Le Petit Versailles, NYC in 2005

Never Stop Surf Film Festival, Fiesta del Tunel / Surf Music and Friends, Salinas Asturias, Spain Summer 2015
“Girl Gang Trilogy / Films by Katrina del Mar” MoMA / PS1 Dome 2, Rockaway Beach NY 2013
“Girl Gang Trilogy / Films by Katrina del Mar” Bio Paradis , Reykjavik Iceland 2012
“Girl Gang Trilogy / Gangs of New York” Fab Lab, Berlin, Germany 2010
“Girl Gang Trilogy / Films by Katrina del Mar” Bremen Queer Film Festival 2010
“Girl Gang Trilogy / Films by Katrina del Mar” Hamburg Queer Film Festival Hamburg, Germany 2010
“Girl Gang Trilogy / Films by Katrina del Mar” Boston LGBT Film Festival Boston MA 2010
“Girl Gang Trilogy / Films by Katrina del Mar” Horse Hospital London, England 2010
“Girl Gang Trilogy” Anthology Film Archives, New York NY 2010
“Katrina del Mar Retrospective” Red Rattler, Sydney Australia 2009
“Movie Mayhem” Cherry Bomb Comics, Auckland, NZ 2009
“Movie Mayhem” Gene Frankel Theatre, New York, NY 2007
“Movie Mayhem” Pioneer Theater, New York, NY 2006
If everybody had an ocean / Nouvelles Vagues film series CAPC, Bordeaux France 2007
REELING Chicago Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Chicago, IL: November 2-12, 2006
LUFF Lausanne Underground Film Festival Lausanne, Switzerland: October 11-15th 2006
Tampa International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, Tampa FL: October 9th 2006
Coney Island Film Festival, Brooklyn, New York: October 9th 2006
Queer Quickie Film Festival Cattyshack, Brooklyn NY Sept 19th & 20th 2006
The Fire Island Film & Video Festival. at the Community House in Cherry Grove: Fire Island, New York September 2006
Womenfest Key West. at the Tropic Cinema Key West, FL 2006
“Surf Gang” at Crobar Film party for Katrina del Mar. open bar 9-10pm June 17th 2006 at Crobar 530 West 28th Street, NYC
Frameline 30 San Francisco’s LGBT Film Festival at the Roxie Film Center (SF Premiere!) June 19th 2006 10:30pm
New Fest, New York City: NYC Premiere at the AMC Loews (34th Street & 8th Ave NYC) June 3 & 6 2006
The Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. World Premiere; what a fun and impressive festival! APRIL 23, 2006
NYFA Rough Cut Preview Screening at Le Petit Versailles New York Foundation for the Arts / Le Petit Versailles 2005

FUNDRAISERS Thank you Generous Donors:
The Elephant Rock Foundation, Alicia Osborne and Torsten Meyer, Lisa Wellstead, The Concordia Foundation, New York Foundation for the Arts
Fiscal Sponsor – Women Make Movies.
Thanks to all the venues, bands, deejays and friends that came out to support this underground film during our fundraising parties:
Remote Lounge / Meow Mix / Arlene’s Grocery

Pank Shovel
The Snake Charmers
Shiny Mama
Lady Unluck
Queen V
Stella Barbarella Zotis Fashion Show
Nina Skittles
We managed to raise enough dough to buy an editing system under a thou (used off craigslist) and pay off some of the obscene loans we took out for initial production costs. So, thank you!

Surf Gang Credits
Rockaway Ruffnecks
Baby Rockaway – Nicolette Nolan
Blackie Rockaway – Kembra Pfahler
Blackie 2 – Allegra
Stella – Stella Barbarella Zotis
Metal – Pam the Metal Queen Grande
Dona – Andrea Purcigliotti
Dread – Andrea GarciaThe Ungratefuls
Blossom – Pamela Willoughby
Magnolia – Diana Nolan
Jackie – Jackie Popofsky
Tulip Delilah – Randi Daniels
Lilac – Yana ToyberThe Flexboys
Troye – Troye Evers
John – Jamil

Anthony – Anthony Foskolus
Vito Molito – Christopher Campbell

Created, Written, Directed, Produced and Shot by – Katrina del Mar
Co-Written by the Cast
Dennis Murphy, Jasmine Hirst and Christopher Campbell
Production Manager, Assistant Director – Christopher Campbell
2nd AD – Christopher Schraufnagel
Co-Producer – Pamela Willoughby
Costume – Zotis, the cast
Styling – the cast
Still Photography by – Katrina del Mar, Dennis Murphy
Edited by – Katrina del Mar
Additional Editing by – Jeanine Corbet, Yoshi Kamepani
Sound Mix by – Stasha Clare and Jake Giannini of Mazzoti Music

Music by – GSX, Grounded, Bantam, Luff, Johnny Goudie, I Love Elke, Texas Terri, Simon & the Bar Sinisters, Rock City Morgue, Lady Unluck

Original Music by – Sarah Greenwood

Technical Advisors (east coast surfers): Dennis Murphy, Jackie & Lauren Bell, Jerry Martinez, Saul Trujillo, Tenielle, Eric Edwards

Surfers: Jianca, Faith, Dennis Murphy, Simon, BJ, Jerry Martinez and the crew at Rockaway Beach.

Filmed at Rockaway Beach, Queens, NY;
Southampton and Montauk, NY;
Delray Beach and Miami Beach, FL.

Thank you Generous Donors:
The Elephant Rock Foundation
Alicia Osborne and Torsten Meyer
Lisa Wellstead
The Concordia Foundation
New York Foundation for the Arts

Fiscal Sponsor – Women Make Movies.

Music Credits:
Performed by Grounded
Written by Pamela Grande and Allegra Rose

“Maybe it’s Just Sleeping”, “Corresponding”
Performed by Luff
Written by Sheila Sobolewski

“Back of a Magazine,” “Battle Scar”
and “Everyone Remembers When You’re Cool”

Written and Performed by Johnny Goudie

(cubanito music ASCAP) “Ballad of NYC”
Performed by Simon and the Bar Sinisters
Written by Simon Chartier

“I Got What I Came For” & “Breach”
Performed by GSX
Written by Sarah Greenwood

“In The Middle”
Performed by Bantam
Written by Gina Volpe, Barb Morrison, Charlie Nieland. Produced by Super Buddha

“One Hit Wonder”
Performed by Texas Terri Bomb
Written by Texas Terri Laird, Anthony Cossa Jr., Terry Love, James Miller

Performed by Texas Terri and the Stiff Ones
Written by Texas Terri Laird, Don Cilurso

“Get Out of My House”
Performed by Rock City Morgue
Written by Rock City Morgue

“Black Line Drone” “Nasty Riff” and “Breaking this Fever”
Performed by Sarah Greenwood
Written by Sarah Greenwood

“Rockaway Beach”
Performed by
Lady Unluck
Written by The Ramones
(Douglas Colvin, John Cummings, Thomas Erdelyi, Jeff Hyman)

“Nocturne #6 and #7”
Performed by Sarah Greenwood
Written by Frederic Chopin