delMarvelous A Day in the Life Katrina del Mar   HD Video various TRT per episode 2015-ongoing

delmarvelous graphic poster icon“Like visual poems from a speedy person” delMarvelous is an experimental documentary webseries by NYC photographer and filmmaker Katrina del Mar. Expect it to be “artless, non-narrative, non-linear, semi-surreal.”

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Hell On Wheels: Gang Girls Forever!
HD Video / Super 8mm TRT 36 min.

howtinyDyslexic Bikers, Mean Vegans & Rollerderby Stars. The girl gang movie that winds up the cult classic trilogy! Burning up the dirty streets and blazing down the pavement, everything is all wheels all the time. Skateboards, Rollerskates, motorbikes and HotRods starring Betsy Todd, Meredith Miller, Genny Pavitt, Jess Templin, Laura Eiko, Dee Finley, Sarah Greenwood and Suzy Hotrod! A Superlong Roster of Sizzling Superstars too Numerous to Mention! All Wheels all the time in this NYC fantasy of Rollergirls, Bikers, Scooter Chicks & Rabid Cyclists!

SURF GANG: Ruffnecks VS. Ungratefuls
Super8mm / Video 25 min.

surfgangpostertinyGrey Gardens meets the Warriors. Two sisters are orphaned by drunks and are left to fend for themselves. One of them disappears into the sea, and the other forms a gang, The Rockaway Ruffnecks, New York City surfers. They run afoul of a local mob boss, and go on a violent odyssey intermittently giving way to fantasy surf sessions. Awarded Best Experimental Film, Planet Out Short Movie Awards and the NYFA Fellowship in Video.

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Super 8mm / 25:20

ganggirlspostertinyPresenting: the World of Cinema as You’ve never seen it! The girl gang movie that started it all! Four foxy girl gangs tear it up on the streets of the Lower East Side, and rumble on the beach at Coney Island. “powerful” “a genius movie” 4 1/2 star review, Film Threat Magazine. The world of Cinema as You’ve Never seen it! In Glorious GlitterVision! In Luxurious Leatherama! What these girls do you will Not Believe! Bike riding ChicKettes! Truck driving Sluts! ! Yes, ladies and gentlemen this is IT! The Cinematic Triumph of Katrina del Mar’s unfettered imagination! Shot in glorious super 8mm on the rough streets of New York City! A cast of 30 beautiful women driving fast cars, wearing tight pants, eating candy, fighting, kissing and riding horses! A World without men featuring four Dangerous and Foxy Gangs!

HD Video / Super 8mm. 4:07

gsxreykjaviktinyThis heartbreak tale channels the rage in beautiful rock ballad. Andro rocker Sarah Greenwood (GSX) sings a heart-ripping, angry ballad from the depths. Shot in Iceland and Switzerland, & featuring Hot as Balls Superstar, Leila Bartell as the dangerous sexy siren, this video has a mysterious elemental feel. The ice-cold, plunging feeling of heartbreak will send shivers down your spine!!

Music Video for Hooray for Goodbye
HD Video / 2:42

IMG_1404tinyAll the prettiest girls live in Brooklyn! Breakout Brooklyn Band, Hooray for Goodbye’s sing-along single “Brooklyn Girls” starring Genny Slag, Marz Mikeo, Sora An, Wendy Kidd, see the girl on the corner like a math problem, makes me wish I would have stayed in school!! Featuring the whole gang of Williamsburg hip chicks riding bikes, shooting craps, playing ice hockey and making out! Fun!!

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