September 2 Never Get Bored: Movie Mayhem Film Screening Gene Frankel Theatre 7-9pm RSVP

Filmmaker Katrina del Mar will screen a variety of her underground, experimental short films in an indoor / outdoor dual screen event at the Gene Frankel Theatre in Manhattan. With the support of the City Artist Corps Grant, presented by the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA)

In addition to showing her iconic, rarely-screened GANG GIRL TRILOGY, The program will feature dyke rock music videos, rock and roll lesbian vampires, episodes of her plotless experimental hangout webseries delMarvelous, an excerpt from her upcoming feature doc about her artist/mail carrier father, scuzzy No-Wave video experiments, super 8mm portraits, screentests (for a feminist revolution movie), and other surprises. A Q&A with the director will follow the screening.

Filmmaker Katrina del Mar is one of 500 New York City-based artists to receive the City Artist Corps Grant, presented by The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs (DCLA), with support from the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME) CDC Guidelines will be followed; please wear a mask.

“Del Mar’s work is less about documentary intentions than fantasy, and therein lies its disruptive force. Erotic fantasy art has always been primarily about the desires of the viewer, while Del Mar’s are unmistakably shaped by those of her subjects.” -Carlo McCormick

June Goth Beach group exhibition curated by Yana Toyber at Rockaway Beach Surf Club artists Cynthia K Cortes, Claudia Santiso, Ester Kärkkäinen, Etta Shon, Katrina Del Mar, Olivia Burgess, and Sarah Sweeney.

ongoing projects:

An Artist Working as a Letter Carrier documentary film in progress about William P. Campbell

I Got This narrative feature film; in development: fund the magic!

TRACY CITY band Katrina del Mar, drummer Genny Slag, guitar Monica Falcone, and on bass Liz Velic.

Tough Girls and Lucid Dreamers Live Poetry spoken word / performance series

Queers of Noise Live Music performance series

Heavy Eyeliner Basketball Womens Trans NB Weekly pickup Basketball Game ongoing since 2007 on hiatus 2020 facebook group instagram

delMarvelous webseries season three


Dec 3 2020- Feb 14 2021 Norwoods Harriet Curated by Rodrigo Salomon & Pamela Willoughby “the Hamptons based whirlwind socialite art curator Pamela Willoughby included in her group exhibit culled from the stable of Tribeca’s Salomon Fine Arts at New York City’s most talked-about private gathering spot of the moment, the Norwood Club.” Kacper Abolik, Max Blagg, Alexis Duque, Saskia Friedrich, Marco Gallotta, Elizabeth Gregory Gruen, Nathan Slate Joseph, Curtis Kulig, Victoria de Lesseps, Noel de Lesseps, Tatiana Lusovskaya, Christopher Makos, Katrina Ddel Mar, Warren Neidich, Donald Perlis, William Baker Rand, Oscar Riquelme, Barnaby Ruhe, Edwina Sandys, Bert Stern, Barnett Suskind, Lucy De Kooning Villeneuve, Richard Wengenroth, Filip Wolak. Norwood Club

November  Grateful group show at the Fireplace Project East Hampton NY with Katrina del Mar, Noel deLesseps, Victoria deLesseps curated by

September 25-27  3 Day Weekend The Fireplace Project East Hampton NY

Curated by Pamela Willoughby and Victoria de Lesseps
Featuring: Roisin Bateman, Dianne Blell, Dante Cannatella Don Christensen, Jeremy Dennis, Saskia Friedrich, Robin Gianis, Hiroyuki Hamada, Mary Heilmann, Nathan Slate Joseph, Dennis Leri, Noel de Lesseps, Victoria de Lesseps, Matt Magee, Katrina del Mar, Maynard Monrow, Sabra Moon, Nicole Nadeau, Warren Neidich, Pat Place, Mimi Saltzman, Jo Shane, Andrew B. Thayer, Aurelio Torres, Lucy Villeneuve, and Amy Wickersham

July 29 Tracy City LIVE at Bowery Electric Virtual SHOW Live Premiere Sessions: The Carvels NYC, Tracy City
July 29, 2020 @ 8:00 pm“A brand new, professionally mixed and filmed, socially distant livestream series. With a “pay what you can” ticket, high quality sound, special merch, virtual tip jars, a live chat after the show, brought to you by Veeps, this is as close to a live show as you’re gonna get! All sales will benefit the artists and help save Bowery Electric, an incredible venue!” more info

February 14 Queers of Noise: LOVE STINKS at Bowery Electric Tracy City, Grace Bergere, GSX,  the Queers of Noise Supergroup: fronted by very special guests Eileen Myles, Pamela Sneed, Cristy C Road, Reuben Butchart, Michael Love Michael, Grant Wall. DJ MzzzMullett
Modern love can be complicated. For all the shallow screentime spent glazing your eyes bending your over _personals / Lex / grindr /tindr / her/ okCupid it’s time to balance out, give your hard candy life a chance to crack open and gush. Open your depth of field and bang your head, riot grrrls to the front, ms lonelyhearts, Join us for a live music night of punk, riot grrrl, radical queer poets and female-led rock bands!

Katrina del Mar and Wendigo Productions are excited to announce the electrifying lineup for “Queers of Noise: LOVE STINKS” the only East Village live music-based queer “grrrls to the front” Valentine’s Day Party, on Friday February 14th 7:30 to 11pm at the Bowery Electric at 327 Bowery in New York City. Queers of Noise SuperGroup: Sarah Greenwood (guitar), Monica Falcone (guitar) Betsy Todd (vocals), Kiki Barerra (drums), Avi Burn (bass), Alicia Godsberg (guitar) Noa DeSimone (keys).


Dec 1 2019 Tracy City, Hammerbrain and Grace Bergere LIVE at Berlin DJ MzzzMullett Screening NEW Videos by Katrina del Mar  25 Avenue A NYC.

November 2019 Music Video shoots for LOVE and LUDDITE

TRACY CITY band recreated 2018 with founding member Katrina del Mar, drummer Genny Slag, guitar Monica Falcone and on bass Liz Velic. Record first demos at 6/8 studios in Manhattan early April 2019.  Record with Don Fury in May of 2019. Release two singles November 2019. *Tracy City was initially loosely formed by Katrina Sarah Greenwood and Katrina’s brother Bob in a car and carpentry shop in 2008*

Meet Our Fav New NYC Band: Tracy City  “It’s almost 2020. Social Media is the cornerstone of global culture, more kids know who Kimye is than Johnny Rotten, influencers are god. Whereas youth culture used to be the button on the bomb that is radical revolution, now, social change takes second place to likes and curated self-love. But that doesn’t mean there’s no hope — or that there aren’t still people, like artist Katrina Del Mar and her band, Tracy City, saying ‘fuck you’ no matter what. Through brash, pounding singles, like their debut, “Love,” Del Mar, along with guitarist Monica Falcone, drummer Genny Slag and bassist Liz Velic, deliver their subversive take on everything from politics, to friendship, to loss, all with their own kind of queer punk rock spirit that makes you question whether it’s truly young people that will save us from ourselves. I mean, who said women over 40 can’t fuck things up?

Formed as part of lead singer Del Mar’s new movie project (she needed a band for the film, and they clicked so well, they started playing IRL), Tracy City is equal parts New York no wave and trashy B-movie. Think: Teenage Jesus and The Jerks or Magazine, if they were fronted by The Fabulous Stains or chicks from Jubilee, and directed by Russ Meyer or Ed Wood. “Tough girls, badasses and juvenile delinquents,” says Del Mar of their style. And if that’s not enough to make Tracy City your new favourite band, just listen to “Love.” A pulsing mix of ‘80s goth a la Siouxie, L7-style thrashing drums and guitar, and Del Mar’s painstaking wail that’s in line with Exene’s, the single is a “jaded — in other words, realistic — perspective” about relationships, Del Mar explains. “My work has always been kind of like a punch in the face.” -Alexandra Weiss, Oyster Magazine


 Friday May 11*, Wed May 16*, Sunday May 27 SCREENING Girl Gang Trilogy with Q&A* Spectacle Theater 124 South 3rd Street Brooklyn “Filmmaker and photographer Katrina del Mar has been documenting the streetwise toughgirls of Manhattan and Brooklyn for going on two decades. Her unheralded butch opus the GANG GIRL TRILOGY imagines the city as an escapist playground free of men, where rival gangs of lesbian bikers, boarders, surfers and skaters call the shots. Del Mar draws from Russ Meyer and John Waters, but with a commitment to a distinctly personal sort of chaos. The films also unconsciously acts as a showcase for a rapidly changing Manhattan — an attempt to abscond from the concerns of the city and into a daydream of queer solidarity, leather, and raucous, wall-to-wall punk soundtracks.” tickets girl gang trilogy

Sunday May 13th, Wednesday May 16th SCREENING  An Evening With Katrina del Mar + Q&A Spectacle Theater 124 South 3rd Street Brooklyn “In addition to showing her iconic, rarely-screened GANG GIRL TRILOGY, Spectacle is proud to welcome del Mar for an overview of her career. The program features scuzzy No-Wave video experiments, rock and roll lesbian vampires, episodes of her plotless experimental hangout webseries delMarvelous, and a look at her upcoming feature doc about her artist/mail carrier father (plus other surprises). Throughout her decades-long career as a photographer and filmmaker, Katrina del Mar has been described as “intimidatingly badass” (The Huffington Post), “a speedy person” (Eileen Myles), and a producer of “filth of the highest quality.”

“Her obsession with Americana iconography — pinups, burlesque, superheroes and leather-jacketed toughs — strikes an immediate dichotomy with her feeling most at home among queer outcasts caked in the urban grime of New York. Typically armed with an 8mm camera, her extreme close-ups and jarringly visceral cutting cast a beautiful, flickering spell. She and her friends — skaters, musicians, and punks — become larger than life figures with an unforgettable allure.”  tickets: an evening with KdM

June 8- June 27 SUPER 6 photographs AMP Art Market Provincetown Gallery Exhibition Also on view: Michelle Handelman, John Kelly, Bobby Miller, Bobby Busnach 432 Commercial Street Provincetown, MA

Sunday July 22 Tough Girls and Lucid Dreamers AMP Art Market Provincetown 432 Commercial Street Provincetown MA Thalia Zedek, Sarah Greenwood, Bobby Miller, Katrina del Mar, Genny Slag, and more.

July 12 Tough Girls and Lucid Dreamers HOWL Happening NYC 6 East 1st Street NYC Eileen Myles, Mel Elberg, Tanya Zamirouskaya, Marianne Shaneen short films by

August 14 Tough Girls and Lucid Dreamers Leslie Lohmann Museum NYC Pamela Sneed, Truk Darling, Mel Elberg, Sarah Greenwood, Genny Slag, more TBD

Sunday, April 8th 2pm Panel Discussion  Then She Did  Curated by Melissa McCaig Welles and Lori Zimmer  Plaxall Gallery 5-25 46th Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101

March 3 – April 7 Then She Did Group Exhibition Curated by Melissa McCaig Welles and Lori Zimmer opening reception March 3, 6-10pm   Katrina del Mar: Filmed Portraits (screen-tests for a Feminist Revolution Movie) Multi channel HD Video 2016-ongoing also featuring works by Alexandra Momin, Alice Mizrachi, Alison Mosshart, Allison Sommers, Audrey Dimola, Caitlin Harris, Chinon Maria, Elizabeth Winnel, Indie 184, Janette Beckman, Joanne Leah, Karen Dimit, Kathryn Rose, Katrina del Mar, Kendra Heisler, Lady Pink, Marne Lucas, Paola Martinez, Queen Andrea, Rebecca Reeve, Swoon, Vahge and Vicky Barranguet photos from opening reception  Plaxall Gallery 5-25 46th Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101

CANCELED DUE TO SNOW – WILL BE RESCHEDULED … March 7th CUNT NOW: cunt talk right now, disgusting fun, people a soft opening for corroborative new magazine / mayhem. Readings by: Linden Crawford, Lara Lorenzo, oni lem, and A.L. Steiner. With video art by Katrina del Mar. Edited by Mel Elberg and friends. Guest curated by Mel ElbergWednesday, March 7, 2018, 8:00 pm The Poetry Project St. Mark’s Church 131 E. 10th Street, NYC

Tues March 20, 2018 Grrls on Girls II: Bonded screening at FIT Katrina del Mar’s Gang Girls 2000, 1999 (27 min);   Viva Ruiz’s telenova, Monja Satanica, 2006 (15 min);  Barbara Hammer’s Menses, 1974 (4 min);  Jill Reiter’s Frenzy, 1993 (12 min);  Nao Bustamente and Matt Johnstone’s The Perfect Ones, 2006 (8 min). Grrls on Girls II is the second installment in a film series curated by Jane Ursula Harris that celebrates the transgressive, DIY feminism of riot grrl culture through women filmmakers. The films in Bonded bring together queer campy takes on female bonding that are saturated with sex and revenge, alternately evoking Russ Meyers, telenovas, female cults, and queercore. Lesbian street gangs fight it out on New York’s Lower East Side (Katrina del Mar, GANG GIRLS 2000 (1999)); evil, perverted nuns have their way with a delinquent teen (Viva Ruiz, MONJA SATANICA (2006)); menstruating women undergo strange blood rituals (Barbara Hammer, MENSES (1974)); rabid groupies descend on an all-girl band (Jill Reiter, FRENZY, (1993)); and an amnesiac housewife from Beverly Hills wanders into a punk dyke bar (Nao Bustamente and Matt Johnstone, THE PERFECT ONES, 2006.  Filmmakers Hammer, del Mar, Ruiz and Reiter will be in attendance, and will participate in a Q & A with the curator following the program. Fashion Institute of Technology Main Entrance 27th St., btw 7th & 8th Ave  FELDMAN C-BLDG.

March 24 advance screening: An Artist Working as a Letter Carrier & closing reception: Landscape Paintings of William Campbell Passaic County Historical Society at Lambert Castle 3 Valley Road Paterson, NJ 7pm.


Jan 21 Kathy Acker Awards Katrina del Mar: Acker Award for Film. “The NYC Acker Awards are based on recognizing, honoring, saving and preserving  the memory and the history of the creators who were pioneers in their endeavors,  mentored, inspired, turned on, opened doors, lead the way for others to follow. The  ones who contributed much but never joined the mainstream. As well as the awards  are giving recognition and thanks to those community individuals who gave space,  shelter, in short, provided the location for the magic to happen.”

Jan 5 – Feb10  Firing: Women Surf Photography curated by Andreea Waters Picture Farm Gallery – Brooklyn Surf Company Brooklyn, NY Opening Reception January 5 2018


Oct GUERILLA GRRRLS Marseilles Underground Film Festival MUFF film screening Katrina del Mar Gang Girls 2000 & SURF GANG Jennifer Reeder White Trash Girl

August 21  Gang Girls 2000 screens at East Village Queer Film Festival: Wild Project, New York NY

April 27 – May 18 Feral Women & Filmed Portraits Art on A Gallery opening reception Apr 27, 8-10pm Closing reception Thursday, May 18th, 6-8pm 24 Avenue A, NYC

May 13 The Shirtlifters Berlin NYC 25 Avenue A 8pm E Vil Rock Show : The Glorious Revolution, We Must Continue, poet Puma Perl. Benefit for Jack Curious post surgery recovery.

April 15 Katrina’s Big Birthday Extravaganza performances by The Shirtlifters, The Glorious Revolution, Kembra Pfahler, Mary Reilly, Eileen Myles, Stanley Love Performance Group. DJTwilo. Film Screening: short films by Katrina del Mar, Tessa Hughes Freeland and Lola RockNRolla. See pics here


Dec 9-11 Feral Women & Filmed Portraits  Leslie Lohman Museum / Prince Street Project Space. opening reception Dec 9, 6-8pm 127B Prince Street NYC

Feral Women & Filmed Portraits Reviewed in ArteFuse

Dec 10 Tough Girls & Lucid Dreamers Prince Street Project Space 6-8pm pm Live Reading and Music series with:  Eileen Myles, Pamela Sneed, Mel Elberg, Genny Slag, Kaki King, Fiona Silver, Mary Reilly (via Skype from Paris!) and Hazel Everett.

Dec 11 Film Screening Leslie Lohman Museum / Prince Street Project Space. 127 B Prince Street NYC 6-8pm

Sep Shirtlifters live at Don Pedro’s with BloodFlames Don Pedro’s Brooklyn NY

Aug 12-25 Hell No / Poster Child  Exhibition of photographs AMP Art Market Provincetown 432 Commercial Street

Aug 20 Tough Girls & Lucid Dreamers AMP Art Market Provincetown 432 Commercial Street Readings and Live Performance by Eileen Myles, Katrina del Mar, Thalia Zedek, Bobby Miller, Karyn Kuhl, Runn Shayo, Monica Falcone and more. 6-9pm

June-July Bard MFA Program Film / Video expected completion date: 2017

May Shirtlifters live at Don Pedro’s punk at Riot Chica with My So Called Band. Don Pedro’s Brooklyn NY

March 1-7 Spring Break Art Show CANNIBALS curated by Jo Shane + Maripol. Skylight at Moynihan Station 421 8th Avenue, NYC

Jan-Feb DelMarvelous webseries Season Two continues

October 1 Metropolitan Review Release Party reading series. Katrina reads her work, published in MR. With Pulitzer Prize winning Poet, Gregory Pardlo, Tessa Lou Fix, Puma Perl and others.

October 16-21 Unheard Records group show / performance Infinity, West Adams Blvd, Los Angeles CA
Suzanne Kite, Mel Elberg, Daisy Atterbury & more

Oct-Dec DelMarvelous webseries continues: season two

August Trophy Art Curated by Melissa McCaig-Welles AZArt gallery 617 West 27th Street NYC
group show with Queen Andrea, Monique Mantell, Carlos Mare, Elle, Dan Witz, L. Mylott Manning, Rodrigo Valles, Tim Okamura, Alessandra Maria, Kathleen Vance, Zofia Bogusz, Chris Uphues, Jamie Martinez, Sophie Alexia Joly de Lotbiniere, GILF, John Arthur Carr, Vicky Barranguet, David Ortiz, David Hollier, Greg Berg, Katrina del Mar, Nick Kuszyk, Morning Breath, Jerome Lagarrigue, Norbert Waysberg, Chizuru Kaplan and Christian Jaquet.
more info at mccaigwelles.com

July Feral Women: Solo Show + Artist Talk and Screening Twilight Gallery West, Seattle WA more info curated by Tracy Cilona

July SURF GANG screens at NeverStop Surf Film Festival in Asturias in Spain

June 20 AMP Gallery / Provincetown Film Festival screening: DelMarvelous / artists talk

June-July Bard MFA Program Film / Video expected completion date: 2017

Feb – April DelMarvelous webseries launches first ten episodes

May 30 Shirtlifters punk band formed by Craig Flanagin and Katrina del Mar: first live show


Nov 2014 delMarvelous Webseries in production. Kickstarter campaign goes live.

March 2014 Summer Sang in Me solo exhibition at the Strange Loop Gallery, NYC 27 Orchard Street NYC. Summer Sang In Me is a compilation of Katrina del Mar’s intimate photographic and video portraits of lovers, ex lovers, close friends and beautiful strangers. Entwined with self-portraits and elemental landscapes, these images map out the semi-fictional road trip of her life. In no particular order Del Mar is an artist, photographer, human being, lover. Her style is realistic /romantic; messy at times, tactile, beautiful, and gritty. Her pictures are foremost captured with a taste and passion for life in general, and for women in all their individuality of beauty and power in particular.
Reading like an unbound, semi-fictive yet very personal journal, the images, video clips and zines make up a story of restlessness, a study in fascination verging on obsession. The insistent drive to hold onto remnants of people so as not to lose their memory results in a type of souvenir collecting of a most personal nature, and a longer temporal narrative emerges which sees participants striding in and out of the story sometimes once, sometimes many times. This exhibition serves up a softer, more romantic side of del Mar’s work, although the tough girl aesthetic clearly shines on in a series of images of planned bruises and fight-club aftermath, where tough girls proudly display evidence of their damage alongside evidence of unbridled lust.

opening Katrina del Mar ‘Summer Sang in Me at Strange Loop Gallery from Strange Loop on Vimeo.

Mar 22 2014 Tough Girls and Lucid Dreamers Artist Katrina Del Mar has invited some of her favorite writers and musicians to read, show video and/or perform during her exhibition ‘Summer Sang in Me’ at Strange Loop Gallery. We will have live music by Sarah Greenwood GSX, music by Karyn Kuhl, video by Anne Hanavan, readings by Amanda Pollock, Patty Powers and Katrina Del Mar, Short film by Tessa Lou Fix. More special guests

July 2014 White Leather Black Velvet gallery show at DeLuca Gallery, Provincetown MA

July 2014 Summer Sang in Me gallery show at Art Market Provincetown Provincetown MA

July 26, 2014 Tough Girls and Lucid Dreamers Eileen Myles, Katrina del Mar, Thalia Zedek, Sarah Greenwood GSX, Karyn Kuhl, Pat Place. Katrina del Mar has invited some of her favorite writers and musicians to read, show video and/or perform during her exhibition ‘Summer Sang in Me’ at Art Market Provincetown.

August 1-4 Push It group exhibition at the ArtNowNY Joseph Gross Gallery NYC. Curated by Melissa McCaig-Welles. Group show with new work by: AIKO, Alice Mizrachi, Alison Mosshart, Amanda Reily, Christina Neener, ELLE, GILF, INDIE 184, Katrina Del Mar, LADY PINK, Laura Mylott Manning, Maya Hayuk, Mia Tyler, Monique Mantell, QUEEN ANDREA, SHERYO, Sophie Alexia de Lobtienere, Sofia Bachvarova, SWOON, Tracy Piper, VEXTA. The show of 42 works in mixed-media, painting and photography highlights a bold urban aesthetic from a group of emerging and established artists, some of whom combine Street Art with their existing studio practices. The gallery will host a reception for the artists on Thursday, April 3rd, 2014 from 6 to 9 PM, at ArtNowNY (548 W 28th Street 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10001).

May – Sep 2014 Katrina del Mar Landscapes in Group Exhibition at Empire State College
“These elemental landscapes hint at the re-creation of myths, a push to the edge and past it; I dive into the ocean’s cool relief from hard pavement. Here I find surfer selkies, chased by lightning, dwarfed by nature, engulfed by nature, and also an expression of nature. The earth heaves and breathes, messy, messianic, message sent. We are determined to receive its force.”
Graduating Seniors Group Exhibition May 29 – Sep 20 also works by Venesa Gomez, William Daniels, Norbert Masal, Vanessa Moore curated by Terry Boddie SUNY

Katrina's Blog

January 13-Feb 17 GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS solo exhibition of photographs, video and handmade books at Participant Inc. 253 East Houston Street New York City
Katrina del Mar is perhaps best known for her decades-long work in video and photography, chronicling the reality and illusion of her Lower East Side friends and lovers as punk heroines; or within her girl gang movie world of strictly female population. Creating a family tree indebted equally to B-movies and diaristic photography, del Mar’s defiantly queer photographs and videos are iconic alternatives to the cultural status quo, offering an exuberant, hyper-stylized sexuality, an unapologetic feminist voice, and often guerilla-style production tactics. Particularly informed by the Greek word ekphrasis, a rhetorical device in which a description of a work becomes the work in and of itself, del Mar has described her practice as operating in a similar exchange: book covers and movie posters come before the books and movies and, in some instances, stand alone. She has noted, “Long after my films are finished, I am writing the novels they should have been based on. I write modern myths set in urban environments.” More in the Press Release

May 4 Girl Gang Trilogy Screening at the MoMA PS1 VW Dome2 in Rockaway Beach with films by Rick Charnoski
MoMA PS1 VW Dome 2 and Participant Inc. are proud to present a screening of Katrina del Mar’s GIRL GANG TRILOGY of films at the MoMA PS1 VW Dome in Rockaway. Comprised of three experimental, narrative, underground films: Hell on Wheels Gang Girls Forever (HDV/Super 8mm 36 minutes 2010) SURF GANG (DV/Super 8mm 24 minutes 2005), and Gang Girls 2000 (Super 8mm 27 minutes 1999)

Feb 17 Heavy Eyeliner Basketball Film Screening at Participant Inc.

August 1-4 The Future Is Now group exhibition at the Highline Loft. Curated by Melissa McCaig-Welles and Kimyon Huggins.

April 29-30 2 Days of Katrina del Mar Screening and Artist Talk at Bard College. Presented by Joanie4Jackie: joanie4jackie is proud to present the most badass filmmaker we’ve discovered in eons!! 2 days of nonstop girl-centric kick ass action w/ the one and only Katrina del Mar in person.

Friday, June 12 7pm Katrina del Mar – Shorts screening at Strange Loop Gallery Katrina del Mars defiantly queer videos offer an exuberant, hyper-stylized sexuality, an unapologetic feminist voice, and often guerilla-style production tactics. She uses her Lower East Side friends and lovers as punk heroines; and within her girl gang movies a world of strictly female population. Katrina triumphs in the underground, revels in the grit and lathers on the beauty in these short films. 27 Orchard St, NYC.

Friday, June 21 4pm The Girl Gang Trilogy screens at the Provincetown International Film Festival. at AMP Art Market Provincetown 148 Commercial Street among the GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS exhibition.

June 10-July 1 GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS exhibition of photographs, video and handmade books at AMP Art Market Provincetown 148 Commercial Street Provincetown, MA

June 15 Tough Girls & Lucid Dreamers live performance & reading series curated by Katrina del Mar at AMP: Art Market Provincetown

June 9-July 1 “Social Change: Performance and Protest” Group Photography Exhibition at Schoolhouse GalleryProvincetown MA

August 2013 Gang Girls 2000 screening at Michigan Womyns Music Festival.

May 11 Super 8 Short Filmic Portraits with Stephanie Gray at Millenium Film Workshop, NYC


October 2012 Girl Gang Trilogy Screening at Nightingale Cinema co-presented by Chicago Underground Film Festival, Chicago. Covered by TimeOut Chicago

June 2012 Super 8 Film Portraits curated by Stephanie Gray screen at Millennium Film Workshop in New York City

June 2012 Surf Gang (excerpt) screens at Sound & Light, Schoolhouse Gallery in Provincetown MA

June 2012 Shameless Reading Series Pride week with Melissa Febos, Ariel Levy & Pamela Sneed, Laurie Weeks & more.

May 2012 Winner, Juried Competition, Schoolhouse Gallery in Provincetown MA

March 2012 The Girl Gang Trilogy Screens at Fringe Film Festival London, UK

January 2012 On the Edge of Society: Moments in Live Art, Katrina del Mar & Dona Ann McAdams (US) present a series of films and photographs from the Golden Age of Performance Art (1988-2000) and discuss their impact on art history. Warehouse 9 Copenhagen, Denmark

January 2012 Girl Gang Trilogy Screening. Bio Paradis, Reykjavik, Iceland


June SURF GANG screening at Filmmakers Cooperative Summer Cinema Salon at legendary arts garden, Le Petit Versailles. sponsored in part by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and the New York State Council on the Arts

That Perfect Moment Essay on surfing written by Katrina del Mar.

Remembering Chloe Dzubilo essay / photos by Katrina del Mar

April Girl Gang Trilogy screening at Bar 82 NYC


“Ladies Start Your Engines!” Curve Magazine Feature Article by Kat Long

“Hell on Wheels Sold Out NYC Debut” Bust Magazine Review by Jodi SH Doff

“Katrina del Mar on Her Gorgeous Girl Gangs” Paper Magazine interview with Katrina by Peter Davis

Indianapolis November 12-14 2010 Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival at Indianapolis Museum of Art.
Director & some cast members will be present! Screenings co-presented with the local Indianapolis Roller Derby Team the Naptown Roller Girls

Bremen October 16, 2010, Saturday 10:30PM. The 17th Bremen Queer Film Festival at Kino 46
also showing: “Gang Girls 2000”, “A Beautiful Death” & “Punchin & Cussin” and other short films!
There will be a Q&A after the films with the director.

Berlin Tuesday, October 19, 2010 8:30pm SILVERFUTURE
also showing: “Gang Girls 2000” & “SURF GANG” and other short films!
There will be a Q&A after the films with the director.
20h30 weserstr, 206/ U8 + U7 Hermannplatz
RSVP via the facebook event

Berlin Wednesday, October 20, 2010 8:30pm FAB LAB
also showing: “Gang Girls 2000” & “SURF GANG” and other short films!
The director will be present.
20h30 Muskauer Str. 49 / close to Lausitzer Platz / U1 Gorlitzer Bahnhof

Hamburg Saturday, October 23, 2010 10:30pm Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage Hamburg
also showing: “Gang Girls 2000” & “SURF GANG” and other short films!
There will be a Q&A after the films with the director.

London Saturday, September 18, 2010 at the Horse Hospital.
also showing: “Gang Girls 2000” & “SURF GANG” and other short films!

Coney Island Sunday September, 26 2010 Coney Island Film Festival BROOKLYN PREMIERE

Hell On Wheels Gang Girls Forever NYC PREMIERE ANNOUNCED! Buy Tickets Here For the Gang Girls Trilogy Thursday JULY 1ST 8pm! At Anthology Film Archives 32 2nd Avenue NYC! RSVP via Facebook
also showing: “Gang Girls 2000” & “SURF GANG”

Hell On Wheels Gang Girls Forever Website is launched! ganggirlsforever.com

Hell On Wheels Gang Girls Forever is Coming To FRAMELINE 34 San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival Wednesday June 23! At the Roxie!

June 11-30 Katrina del Mar Gangs of New York at Wrong Weather Gallery in Porto, Portugal. Write up in POSITIVE- Magazine.

The Gallery Wrong Weather will showcase, from the 11th to the 30th of June, an exhibition of works by New York-based artist Katrina del Mar. The Gallery’s stated objective is to present exhibitions by renowned artists whose field of work concerns, directly or indirectly, the world and the language of fashion. This will be Katrina del Mar’s debut in Portugal. The exhibition explores the wide diversity of her work, taking a keen and current look at her very particular approach to the issues that interest her.

MAY 2010: 
Hell On Wheels Gang Girls Forever is finished!!

Hell On Wheels Gang Girls Forever (2010 HDV/Super 8mm film 36 minutes) is the culminating film in a trilogy of gang girl movies started ten years ago, with Gang Girls 2000 (2000 Super 8mm 27 minutes) and SURF GANG (2005 DV/Super 8mm 24 minutes).
The girl gang movie that winds up the cult classic gang trilogy! Burning up the dirty streets and blazing down the pavement, everything is all wheels all the time. Dyslexic Bikers, Homeless Queer Skateboarders, Violent Rollerskaters, Scooter riders with Gambling Parlors and HotRods for the Differently Abled! A Superlong Roster of Sizzling Superstars and a soundtrack of pure poprock bliss. Plot Summary / Synopsis: Brooklyn girl gang member Krank, after being shot in a mysterious guinea pig lab rescue incident, comes home from the hospital in a wheelchair to find her cats are gone, her mother is still insane and her gang is kicking her out. She turns to her best friend, the Mechanic, who gives her a pep talk and offers to turn her heap of crap wheelchair into a hot rod. Krank then joins the Outcasts, NYC girl gang wheel riders with a twist. The Outcasts are lead by Krash, a dyslexic cyclist who can only cycle backwards. The other girls in the gang have strange maladies such as Height Dysphoria and French Monotonism. Sparks fly between Krank and the upside-down skateboarder, Flip and clearly, Krank is ready to ride again. Meanwhile, the E. V. Ills, a violent roller derby gang led by C-Roll, tear up the track and dance the night away; the Slayers, homeless queer girl skateboarders panhandle and fish for crabs in New York City’s East River; and the Full Tilts ride scooters and run numbers in the city’s only Roller Disco Betting Parlor.

Hell On Wheels Gang Girls Forever screened at the Boston LGBT Film Fest May 8
The third in a series of three girl gang films, called “Hell on Wheels-Gang Girls Forever” was screened at the Brattle Theatre in Harvard Square Saturday May 8, 2010 along with “Gang Girls 2000” & “SURF GANG” Co-Presented by the Boston Underground Film Festival; Truth Serum and Cinemental. Also showing! GANG GIRLS 2000 (25 min) and SURF GANG (25 min)


FILM PREMIERE CANCELED!!: Hell On Wheels Gang Girls Forever
Directed by Katrina del Mar
Saturday, October 3rd 2009
Anthology Film Archives 32 Second Avenue, NYC 10003
Telephone: (212) 505-5181
two screenings: 7pm & 9pm $12

The third in a series of three girl gang films, called “Hell on Wheels-Gang Girls Forever” WAS to be screened one night only; Saturday October 3rd at Anthology Film Archives in NYC. I guess I spoke too soon! A Terrific Horrendous Computer Crash ate the final cut of “Hell on Wheels Gang Girls Forever” the night before the screening Oct 3. The film had to be pulled from the lineup at Anthology! So that was one of the worst days of my life and really, I hope it is my worst day ever.
We DID screen the other two films “Gang Girls 2000” & “SURF GANG”
and a bunch of music videos and super short films so people came & had a lovely time. I had said: “I hope you can come to this one-night-only Underground Art Film Event Experience! This “No Budget” movie has got great performances, a rockin’ soundtrack and really beautiful women & tough chicks doing crazy things.. All the details are below including a snazzy flyer and a link to the facebook event. I hope you’ll come to the movies! thanks very much for taking a look at this! ” -Katrina del Mar Also showing! GANG GIRLS 2000 (25 min) and SURF GANG (25 min)RSVP here via Facebook

Katrina del Mar’s MOVIE MAYHEM! SUMMER 2009! In NYC
A Tuff Chick Film Night at The Gene Frankel Theater presented by Gail Thacker

“Gang Girls 2000” is everything you could want in an indie flick and more”. – Chris Parcellin, Film Threat

Thursday August 27, 2009 7pm & 9pm Two Screenings!! New York City filmmaker, photographer, artist and producer of massive collisions of talent and beauty, Katrina del Mar, triumphs in the underground, revels in the grit and lathers on the beauty in a number of short films and music videos that will be presented at The Gene Frankel Theatre in New York City. Katrina will be on-hand for the screenings and a Q&A after the films.

Films presented include the highly anticipated latest work, Hell On Wheels, Gang Girls Forever. Also SURF GANG(Awarded Best Experimental Film, Planet Out Short Movie Awards and the NYFA Fellowship in Video), Gang Girls 2000, A Beautiful Death and films by other NYC filmmakers TBA!

The work of Katrina del Mar, & Other NYC Filmmakers TBA*
A Tuff Chick Film Night at The Gene Frankel Theater
Thursday August 27 Two Screenings! 7pm & 9pm
24 Bond Street New York, NY (btw Lafayette & Bowery.)

JUNE Katrina’s films Official Selections at NewFest & Frameline Film Festivals!!!
Brooklyn Girls @ NewFest in New York City!
A Beautiful Death @ Frameline in San Francisco !

Katrina del Mar’s MOVIE MAYHEM on the ROAD!! SPRING 2009
(*if marked with an asterisk, Filmmaker Katrina del Mar will be present at the screenings)

*April 25, 2009 06:00 PM Perv Queerotic Film Festival @ Red Rattler Theatre 6 Faversham Marrickville, New South Wales|76 AUSTRALIA Cost: $10

*April 30, 2009 with SARAH GREENWOOD OF GSX! 08:00 PM Cherry Bomb Comics @ Wine Cellar St. Kevins Arcade, 183 Karangahape Road Downstairs Newton, Auckland NEW ZEALAND Cost: $10 waged/$8 unwaged

May 2, 2009 SURF GANG & GANG GIRLS 2000 7:00pm Cinemarges Film Festival www.cinemarges.net Bordeaux FRANCE

*May 22, 2009 08:00 PM Mondo Homo Dirty South @ Eyedrum Gallery 290 Martin Luther King Jr Dr SE Atlanta, GEORGIA 30312 Cost: $10

February – GSX & Hooray for Goodbye on MTV/Logo NewNowNext and HERETV before Sugar Rush!!!!

Music Videos for local queer rockers GSX and Hooray for Goodbye (directed by Katrina del Mar) are going to be on LOGO music video show “NewNowNext” this Sunday at midnight! (EST) Yes, This Sunday night!! February 8th!!! It’s the Television Premiere of the second & brand spankin’ new GSX video “Bringin’ Me Down”
Andro rocker Sarah Greenwood (GSX) sings a heart-ripping, angry ballad from the depths. Shot in Iceland and Switzerland, this video has a mysterious elemental feel. The ice-cold, plunging feeling of heartbreak will send shivers down your spine.

Music Video for Brooklyn band, Hooray for Goodbye‘s sing-along single “Brooklyn Girls” starring Genny Slag, Marz Mikeo, Sora An, Wendy Kidd, (all HFG) and featuring shutterbug sensation Maro, Jen Urban, Sir Sabrina Haley, Syd London (Switch N’ Play), Ilan, Veronica Sanchez, Erica of Dirty Excuse, Sarah Greenwood of GSX, Betsy Todd & Melissa Huffsmith of Santa Marias, D-Lo Meeker, Michele Rivera (Carribbean Queen), Sandy West, Dee Finley, Natalya, Tai, Lana Seiler, Jackie Schneider (Pubic Zirconia), Kari Krome, Mel Huckabee (DJ Huckwild), Jasmine Hirst, Deelo, Natalia Ramirez, Meredith Miller, Maro, Jess Templin, Tiffany, Ashley “patches” Evens, Sandy, Tai,Dominika Ksel, Pamela Giaroli, Caroline, Ilan, Doro,…..you know. THE WHOLE CREW!!

Shout out & Thank you to Erica Beckman & IHeartBrooklyn Girls!! All the Prettiest Girls Live in Brooklyn!!

Please go to Logoonline to vote for these videos for the Click List!

GSX – I Got What I Came For directed by Katrina del Mar
Makes the Top Ten on the Click List on Logo (MTV Networks)
Watch the Video!
Music Video for GSX featuring Sarah Greenwood.

SURF GANG is part of the film program at the CAPC The Museum of Contemporary Art in Bordeaux, France as a contribution to the exhibition “If everyone had an ocean”. Opening on Nov.16th.
Screening of SURF GANG will be on Dec.12th.

A Beautiful Death called “groundbreaking” and “radical” by Nan Goldin, had its Shocking First Film Festival screening this November at the MIX Film Festival in NYC!

The Coney Island USA Art Auction
November 1 at Max Fish, 178 Ludlow St. Manhattan
More information on Coney Island’s non profit art’s center is available at www.coneyisland.com


Winter 2006
Katrina directs / Produces “Do You Have a Lover” for pop recording artist Sandra Grace. The Music video reachesTop Ten Status on MTV logo Networks “The Click List” and is the top linked video on YouTube top 50 “Most-Linked (This Week) In Music” video on all of YouTube!
FALL 2006
A Beautiful Death has its Shocking World Premiere at Oct 31st at the Pioneer Theater, NYC
The X Party Friday Oct 6th 10pm-4am 327 Bowery btw 2nd & 3rd St, NYC
SURF GANG in Coney Island! Saturday, October 7th 6pm
at the Coney Island Film Festival:”Program 6″ Sideshows by the Seashore
SURF GANG in Tampa Florida October 9th, 9pm 9$
“La Dolce Video: Queer Experiments” @the Channelside
SURF GANG in Lausanne, Switzerland October 11-15, at the Lausanne Underground Film Festival
SURF GANG at CHICAGO REELING Film Festival November 2-12 2006
Punchin’ & Cussin’ in CHICAGO! At Estrojam! WED September 27 @ 7PM Landmark Century Theater
SURF GANG in Key West Tuesday September 5th 8:30 pm at the Tropic Cinema!
SURF GANG in Fire Island Friday September 15th 7:30pm Cherry Grove Community House
SURF GANG, PUNCHIN’ & CUSSIN’ & TOO FAR in Brooklyn! Nicco’s Quickie Queer Film Festival, September 18-21 at Cattyshack Brooklyn, NY

An evening of short films directed by Katrina del Mar at the Pioneer in NYC
Monday, July 31st 2006 7pm
The Pioneer Theater at Two Boots is presenting the first ever public screening of Katrina del Mar’s collected film work: girl gang genre movies, art films and music videos. Get ready to rumble with these tuff chicks: aggressively sexy, outlandish and bold. Katrina del Mar is creating a world of wonder where tuff girls rule the streets and beaches; where awesome beauty is crammed into every frame.

Johnny Dynell and ChiChi Valenti honored Katrina with a party at Crobar June 17th. The House of Dominationpaid go-go tribute to girl gang theme movies “Surf Gang” and “Gang Girls 2000.” Open Bar from 9-10 pm screening of “Surf Gang” at 9:30pm.
Katrina, along with Alice O’Malley and Gail Thacker did the visuals for Dee Finley’s XParty June 24th at Remote Lounge in NYC. this included the world premiere of Katrina’s new “experimental art film” (as yet untitled;it involves cute girls boxing, wrestling, making out and playing the drums.) and the world premiere of “Too Far”, a music video for GSX (Sarah Greenwood)
SURF GANG Best Experimental Film!
2006 Planet Out Short Movie Awards
Official Selection: NewFest, NYC. Frameline 30, SF. MGLFF, Miami. Tampa G & L Film Fest.
Katrina del Mar Awarded a Fellowship in Video from the New York Foundation for the Arts for SURF GANG 2004 NYFA Fellows Announced 


May Ruff Trade Solo Exhibition. Miami Light Project, Biscayne Blvd. Miami FL. Miami New Times pick of the day.