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Katrina del Mar



GANG GIRLS 2000 Super 8mm 27 minutes 2000

The Glitter Girls, an upstart gang of bike riding cuties run into a little trouble when they cross not only the Sluts of Brooklyn but also the famous Blades of Chinatown. The Rumble is set for Coney Island. How will it all go down? “powerful” “a genius movie” 4 1/2 star review, Film Threat Magazine.

SURF GANG Super8mm / Video 25 min. 2005

Two sisters are orphaned by drunks and are left to fend for themselves. One of them disappears into the sea, and the other forms a gang, The Rockaway Ruffnecks, New York City surfers. They run afoul of a local mob boss, and go on a violent odyssey intermittently giving way to fantasy surf sessions. Awarded Best Experimental Film, Planet Out Short Movie Awards and the NYFA Fellowship in Video.

HELL ON WHEELS GANG GIRLS FOREVER! HD Video/ Super 8mm 36 min. 2010

Brooklyn girl gang member Krank, after being shot in a mysterious guinea pig lab rescue incident, comes home from the hospital in a wheelchair to find her cats are gone, her mother is still insane and her gang is kicking her out. She turns to her best friend, the Mechanic, who offers to turn her heap of crap wheelchair into a hot rod. Krank then joins the Outcasts, NYC girl gang wheel riders with a twist. The Outcasts are lead by Krash, a dyslexic cyclist who can only cycle backwards. Meanwhile, the E. V. Ills, a violent roller derby gang, tear up the track and dance the night away; the Slayers, homeless queer girl skateboarders panhandle and fish for crabs in New York City’s East River; and the Full Tilts ride scooters and run numbers in the city’s only Roller Disco Betting Parlor.


delMarvelous A Day in the Life Katrina del Mar HD Video various TRT per episode 2015-ongoing

Season One: Get Your Orgone On / A Visit with Grandma / Surfin’ Rockaway / Rockin Out in the Basement / Wolfgirl Photoshoot / Future is Now / Retail Dance Therapy / Photoshoot with Angie / The Park Avenue Armory (featuring Betsy Todd) / Fully Loaded (ten episodes)


Heavy Eyeliner Basketball HD Video / short subject documentary film / work in progress

Heavy Eyeliner Basketball is a short documentary film about a wild women’s (and transmen’s) basketball game that takes place in New York City. Founded by a non athletic artist, who states, ‘the only rule is eyeliner,’ the game attracts a wide range of characters: scientists, comedians, musicians, artists and roller derby stars with all skill levels from insanely talented athletes to ‘artistic types’ who hadn’t played since grade school. Murray Hill, Katrina del Mar, Suzy Hotrod, Betsy Todd, Genny Pavitt Angel Favorite and Angie Witte break down the controversies between jocks and freaks, the injuries, and ultimately, the fun of it all.

Punchin’ & Cussin’, Super 8mm/Video / 8 min. 2006

Burlesque Wrestlers & butch / femme lesbians making out and cussing in several languages whilst playing the drums, wrestling, and boxing! Rockin’ soundtrack by Texas Terri and Cherie Currie!

A Beautiful Death Video / 6:05 2006

Called “radical” and “groundbreaking” by Nan Goldin, this lesbian vampire film features an unusual feeding frenzy and vampires playing rock ‘n’ rolland board games.

I Got What I Came For Video / 3:30 2007

Waking up on the right side of every bed, Sarah Greenwood of GSX rocks your world in this DIY polaroid happy music video (Featured on MTV networks Logo channel; Top Ten of the Click List & HereTV)

Brooklyn Girls HD Video / 2:42 2008 Music Video All the prettiest girls live in Brooklyn! Breakout Brooklyn Band, Hooray for Goodbye’s sing-along single “Brooklyn Girls” Featuring the whole gang of Williamsburg hip chicks…riding bikes, shooting craps, playing ice hockey and making out! (Featured on MTV networks Logo channel; Top Ten of the Click List & HereTV)

Bringin’ Me Down 4:07 HD Video Super 8mm 2008 Music Video This heartbreak tale channels rage in beautiful rock ballad. Andro rocker Sarah Greenwood (GSX) sings a heart-ripping, angry ballad from the depths. Shot in Iceland and Switzerland, this video has a mysterious elemental feel.

Too Far Super 8mm / 3:23 Music Video A girl, a guitar, a half stack. Singer / songwriter Sarah Greenwood of GSX shot on super 8 film in glorious gritty black and white.

Downsized Video / 3:05 2005 Music video for GSX shot live at CBGB’s

Nothin’ Pretty 2003 Super 8mm Film / Video 5:45 short film / music video

Shot over the beautifully dreary skies of Brooklyn, this 4 minute film makes suffering visible in its gritty depiction of pain and loss through scraping concrete, crumbling facades, broken glass and dripping paint.

“There’s nothin pretty in my world,” sings Karen Curious, the fiery frontwoman of New Professionals.

SLAPFIGHT! Super 8mm / 1:55 1997-2010

Girls slapping! Girls fighting! Girls kissing and making up! Girls revelling in the sheer ridiculousness of it all! This short film by Katrina del Mar pays homage to vintage girlsploitation/bondage films with subtle satire. Starring NYC musician/performer Betsy Todd of the ass-blistering band Santa Marias and renown artist/conduit of the absurd Michelley QueenofQueens.

I Did It Video / TRT est. 5 min Narrative short film Heather LItteer aka downtown sensation Jessica Rabbit and Nicolette Nolan as two roommates discussing a suggestion taken too far.

Just Do It Video / TRT est. 7 min Narrative short film Nicolette Nolan, Heather Litteer (Jessica Rabbit) and Otter star as sex workers who get drunk and plot a murder.

Stella B. Zotis HDVideo 4 min 2009 documentary short

Custom Couture Leather designer Stella Zotis tells us about her work and background.